Friday, May 23, 2014

Dragon City Cheat - 1000/Submit Gem Hack [May 23, 2014]

Tools: (no SURVEY)
  • Required Site -New-Skys - Dragon City Gem cheat [ Link 1 ] 
  • How to find your facebook id [ Link 1 ] [

  1. Open Dragon City on facebook
  2. Find your facebook id and session id, to find session id you can see tutorial below.
  3. Go to required site above
  4. Put your facebook id and session id and choose what hack you want
  5. Then click submit
  6. Reload Dragon City Game
  7. Enjoy!

How To find your SessionId:
Go to dragon city and click free gifts then right click and choose "View frame source"..see the image below

After you click the  "View frame source" new tab will appear and press Ctrl+F [Shortcut key of Find]
Then type sessionID..Now you see your sessionID


Kenneth Aldridge said...

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