Saturday, September 7, 2013

Empires And Allies Cheat - Infinite Unit Clones

  • Cheat Engine 6.3 [ Link 1 ] [ Link 2 ] *NEW*
  • How to Find Right Process in Google Chrome Link 1 ] [ Link 2 ]
  • The Espionage HQ building 

If you are encounter error while downloading ,cant download  or something click >> HERE << to fix the errors so you can download the file = CLICK HERE


  1. On the Espionage HQ choose units like tier 1-4 spy,then click on equip spy, click on the finish button and click on send:

  2. Go to a neighbor and select a tier 1-4 unit to clone, simply make sure you currently have one in your inventory, let’s say the SU-122 Tank, code U111:

  3. Just before you click on clone button, run Cheat Engine  scan for the unit code of the unit you need to clone U111 and change it with the one of the bombus tank UN02:

  4. Click on the SU-122 Tank click on clone click yes then click the continue button:

  5. Now the next step in Empires And Allies Cheat is just reload the Empire And Alliance game
  6. Go to the battle map and put the SU-122 tank the one you currently received in your inventory  then click fight button
  7. Go to Cheat Engine again and scan for the SU-122 tank code U111 and modify it to the one of Bombus Tank UN02:

  8. Click on the retreat button and pay the ransom, or finish the fight without losing the Empires And Allies Cheat unit
  9. Go to inventory, locate the Bombus Tank and put it on your island:

  10. Reload the Empires And Allies game again and Empires And Allies Cheat is sucssefully complete

Empires And Allies Cheat Extra Unit IDs:

Crimson Copter UB65
Alligator UT71
Kilowatt UT49
Venom UB52
Nimitzern UM71
Scion UM83
Tarantulus UN08
Arachnoid UM95

Empires And Allies Cheat Notes:

Be sure you have the unit you’re cloning inside your inventory
Be sure you don’t have that unit located on your island,it must be only inside your inventory
Be sure the Empires And Allies Cheat unit you’re cloning has a 4 digit IDs


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