Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dragon City Cheat - Ultimate Gold and Food Hack [August 17]


  • Dragon City GOLD and FOOD HACK.rar Link 1 ] [ Link 2 ]
If you are encounter error while downloading ,cant download  or something click >> HERE << to fix the errors so you can download the file = CLICK HERE


  • 7000 food /1 min 
  • 37.5 million gold /1 min 

How to use:
1. Download the tools above
2. Extract the Dragon City GOLD and FOOD HACK.rar that you downloaded above and open the "HackFoodGoldV3.5.exe"
3. Open Dragon City wait it load until you can play
4. Right click below and choose "View page source". [shortcut key of View page source just press Ctrl+U ] ..See the image below if you don't understand

5. New tab will appear and press Ctrl + F and search or "signed_request" and copy your "value" start copying from double quote" and end copying in double quote(")  [Ctrl + F Shortcut key of "FIND"] .. See the image below if you don't understand

6. Go to HackFoodGoldV3.5.exe and paste your "value" in the signed_request box.. See the image below if you don't understand

7. After you paste your "value" choose what hack you want, if you want gold hack just click "37.5 million gold /A time/1 min" and if you want food hack just click the "7000 food /A time/1 min"  ...See the image below if you don't understand

8. After you choose what hack you want just press "Start hack" and wait it until the process until you got 100% and reload your dragon city and you see your new amount of your gold or food.. ENJOY


For those people don't see the download button


muiz pape said...

work....very nice :D

Anonymous said...

me not working :(((

Anonymous said...

works for windows xp????

zamila said...

not work..lapsap..stupid

BS GOO said...

not working!! error

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