Friday, November 30, 2012

NinjaSaga ATM BANK

-All in 10 Sec Delay
-Level Up
-Limited Exp
-Instant Mission + Exams



-Swf Hack Files
(Link Updated)

-Browser [that supports fiddler extension] to play NS

1. Open NS
2. Open fiddler
3. Goto autoresponder tab & tick:
i) enable autoresponse
ii) unmatched requests passthrough
4. Drag swf hack files
5. Go to Headquarters
6. Enter this Password (See Box A in Picture Below) -> TheReiko
7. ATM BANK will open
8. Now Enter this Password (In Box B in Picture Below) -> 686J4Z15Q

9. Now all the features are unlocked :D

Hack Credtis: Reiko


mee sup said...
Check this out,u got 10$ for free upon registration,not only that,its a paid to click site too,that mean no need to pay anything on the website except when you want to buy/pay something in the site..
U might need paypal acc to withdraw the money,search on google how to make paypal acc with/without card. EXMP;'ninja saga paypal'
The minimum amount of money allowed to withdraw is 20$! thats low enough!,since you got 10$ upon reg,you only need 10$ left! With this,u can buy token or emblem in no time! (

Sean Hamilton said...

it says tunggu update and thats it plz help me!!!

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