Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NInja Saga Instant Learn Jutsu

Charles Proxy Debugger Link 1 ]

How to use:

1. Open Ninja Saga
2. Open Charles
3. Go to Academy and Learn New Skill
4. You must have 1 jutsu essence, if you don't have just request 1 from your friend or in your friend.
5. Go to Jutsu Essence Panel below request inbox.
6. Click "Use" button under owned jutsu essence.

7.In Charles expand "" and "amf/" in the structure tab
8. Right click "<default>(CharacterDAO.reduceTrainTime)" and select "Advanced Repeat"
9. Set iterations to 100 and Concurrency to 10 and click OK

10. Wait for few seconds when the repeat advance is all done.

11. Reload the Ninja Saga the check your new jutsu.
12. Enjoy it. Don'y forget to leave a feed back.


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